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The Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner

21-09-2016 in RR Phantom Cars Wedding

Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner 

The colour white for us is first and foremost a sign of elegance. The Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur displays an exquisite four-wheel drive, that has become essential to every wedding day and event. The Dreamliner of the streets has arrived in style to join our luxury Rolls-Royce & Bentley fleet in the shape of a Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur. 


Our fleet is by far one of the most impressive collections in and around London that are available for hire. Rolls-Royce hires are a dream come true for many couples, but RR Phantom Cars offers an enviable collection of vehicles that complement each other and you. Making a Bentley hire has never been easier and we're proud to introduce our new addition. 


The Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur rides with grace but with the power of a Sport and panache of a new and sophisticated Bentley; white, crisp and a model of perfection, the Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur's quilted leather is profound and will allow you to sit back in comfort. Your wish is our command and the request of massage seats can be instated with just a few buttons. The contrast cream/black liner in this Bentley hire adds the suave to your big day. 


The Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur has a meticulously handcrafted exterior styling kit, featuring a patterned carbon fibre weave. Artisans at Mulliner have produced this great addition to our fleet. Being seated in this air conditioned and stylish interior will allow you to experience Mulliner craftsmanship, with the indescribable Bentley luxury that can't be explained- it can only be experienced.