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Rolls-Royce & Bentley Hire Acton

West London boasts of old villages and towns that hold so much history and architectural beauty that it’s hard to choose which one to marry in. The scope of choice is even larger in Acton, which has many parts: North Acton, East Acton, West Acton, South Acton, Acton Town, Acton Central, Acton Vale, Acton Green and Southfield. Make your wedding car hire in one of West London’s most popular towns, which is one of two locations in the UK with the most stations bearing its name.  


The streets of Acton are paved with old English pubs that have a homely and comfortable feel. You’ve also got the event spaces that offer a little bit more, such as The Aeronaut, a sparkling entertainment hub. It was named in honour of George Lee Temple who was the first Englishman to fly a plane upside-down. Head along for some great acts and burlesque dancing during your wedding week. It can make the perfect spot for a wedding car hire on your hen night and you can now choose from our Bentley hire and Rolls-Royce hire.


Head to Bush Hall on Greater London’s Uxbridge Road in a glamorous Bentley Mulsanne hire. Here you’ll have a magical evening in an independent live music and events venue. This venue has lent itself to a great many activities. Now, you can get married in a place that was previously built in 1904 and used as a dance hall in the twenties, a soup kitchen in WWII, a bingo hall, and a snooker and social club.


Lose yourself in the unique charm and incredible acoustics that make Bush Hall the perfect venue for your wedding reception. With a capacity of 375 guests for drinks and canapés, you can’t go wrong. When getting married at a historically grounded venue such as this you need to make an equally impressive wedding car hire. The first Rolls-Royce, The Silver Ghost, launched in 1907 and you can bring it full circle by making a modern Rolls-Royce Phantom hire or Rolls-Royce Ghost hire for your big day.